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Wintec Saddles and Saddle Accessories

Wintec saddles are made from an innovative synthetic material, which has several advantages. It is easy to clean and light in weight. Moreover these saddles are in a comparatively low price segment and are thus affordable for everyone. Wintec saddles cover all ridden disciplines such as dressage, eventing, show jumping or western and are supplemented with matching saddle accessories.

The EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution and the CAIR Cushion System, which can be found in many of the Wintec saddles also provide a simple adjustment possibility. The EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution ensures the perfect adjustment to the anatomy of the horse and corrections to the saddle cushion. The CAIR Cushion System optimises the weight distribution of the rider and ensures better suspension on the horse's back through the individual filling of the saddle cushion.

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