Nice to know

Our commitment to top-class as well as popular sports and the support of charity projects has always played an important role. From the earliest years, Waldhausen was present at trade fairs, events and tournaments as a major sponsor. Partnerships and significant milestones developed from this, which have shaped the company's history to this day and still fill us with pride.

A special partnership

The German Olympic Committee for Equestrianism - DOKR in short - is headquartered in Warendorf and is responsible for the top equestrian sport. The close connection to top level sport that has lasted for more than a century and the high quality of Waldhausen products reached its peak in 1972 when Waldhausen was awarded the title as official partner of the DOKR and outfitter in the field of equestrian equipment for the disciplines jumping, dressage, eventing, driving and para-equestrian. In uninterrupted succession, the German equestrian teams have been equipped with the best quality products at international championships, Olympic Games, World and European Championships and Nations Cups to this day. The collection always consists of saddle pads, fly and sweat rugs, as well as brow bands in the colors of Germany, black, red and gold.

The passion for equestrian sports and the constant involvement of the ideas and experiences of professional riders, make this partnership something very special.

The Golden Saddle

The "Golden Saddle" is a former unique show jumping competition, which has often been called the 'World Championship' for young german show jumpers. Initiated in 1986 by Hans-Günther Winkler, the most successful show jumper of all time, and sponsored by Reitsport Waldhausen until recent times. Its main purpose was to foster sound training for both horses and riders.

Once, the participation in this competition alone, at that time within the CHI's Berlin, was already a honor for every starter. Looking at the former lists of participants and winners of the Golden Saddle, one comes across some well-known names that today belong to the world's elite. Each year, a highly decorated jury selected the candidates, in addition to the successes achieved, on the basis of the seat, the influence, empathy, jumping style, harmonious basic training of the horses, personal appearance, fair behavior with the horse, saddlery and overall appearance of the riders. The special requirements of this test are horse changes. The winner will be the one who shows the most flexibility as well as sensitivity for the unfamiliar horses and at the same time can ask for optimal performance of them.

Pferde für unsere Kinder e.V. (eng. Horses for our children)

Waldhausen not only has the professionals at heart, but also the very youngest. That's why, since the beginning of 2023, we have been just as passionate about supporting the "Pferde für unsere Kinder e.V." (eng. Horses for our children) initiative in its ultimate goal of offering children the opportunity to grow with the help of horses and to strengthen them in their personal development in the best possible way. Founded in 2015, the non-profit association has set itself the task of launching several projects and measures to enable first touches between child and horse as well as to inform parents about the educational value of horses.