Wintec 500 Jumping saddle

Product no. 1094601-C1
EAN 9329097083415
color: black
Size: 17"/43 cm
Wintec 500 Jumping saddle
Product no.: 1094601-C1
EAN: 9329097083415
With this saddle riders will be keen to fly over any jump and will feel secure in their position with a supportive deep seat and the improved comfort and grip of this supple and durable saddle. In its new look, this saddle looks like a leather saddle - with the difference that, after a long training day, they can simply hose the sweat and dirt off their easy care saddle! For their horse, we have created super soft panels which mould in and around their working muscles, adjusting to their movements with every stride, providing optimum comfort for the horse as well. Ready to fly!
All new and improved Wintec saddles are equipped with Horse And Rider Technology - HART in brief.