WintecLite AP-Saddle

Product no. 1094301-CJ
EAN 9329097085570
color: black
Size: 16"/40 cm
WintecLite AP-Saddle
Product no.: 1094301-CJ
EAN: 9329097085570
Perfect for the rider looking for an extremely comfortable all purpose saddle at a good price-performance ratio, with the additional advantage of being lightweight. The soft seat ensures a very comfortable saddle. The extremely soft saddle panels make it very comfortable for the horse, and likewise make adjustment easy with the riser pads.
Half the weight & double the fun!
The new WintecLite saddles: less than half the weight of a traditional leather saddle, and with the option to customise the saddle’s cantle.
Ideal for pleasure riding or participating in various disciplines. This extremely comfortable and lightweight all purpose saddle ensures superior horse and rider comfort.

All new and improved Wintec saddles are equipped with Horse And Rider Technology - HART in brief.