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Grooming horses can also be fun!

With the right equipment the daily grooming of the horse does not pose a problem, it can even be fun. Different items in the grooming kit can, applied correctly, quickly and effectively remove the dirt from the coat, the hoof and the tail. A reversible spring curry comb for the coarse dirt, the rubber curry comb for coat and dust and the body brush for the finer work. In addition, for example, a dandy brush helps with coarse dirt. The dirt in the hooves can be removed with the hoof pick, on the outside with a hoof brush. Special brushes such as the long hair brush, shedding combs or detangling combs have self-explanatory uses. There are also special mane and tail combs. So that combing is particularly easy, as well as the grooming kit items, various mane sprays can be employed.

In order to stow the grooming kit tidily there are various possibilities. Some riders prefer a sturdy grooming box, which can also serve as a stool or mounting block. Grooming bags look chic and are, for example, often somewhat handier when travelling. For little riders Waldhausen has various grooming kits or small, fully equipped boxes.

Many horses are also clipped. The owner has the choice between different clippers, for instance with a particularly strong rechargeable battery, mobile or extra light. Vacuum cleaners are also used in yards. They remove loose coat and dust.

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