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Care of horse & leather

Horsecare covers a wide area and, in addition to the care of hoof, coat etc, also includes the care of the riding equipment. Leathercare products are used for high quality leather products such as the saddle and the bridle but also the riding boots or jodhpur boots. So that the leather lasts for a long time, remains supple and is protected, it is first cleaned with saddle soap or leather cleaner. Leather balm, wax or leather oil are then applied and soften the leather and impregnate it, which keeps water and dirt at bay. In order to re-fresh the colour and improve the look of old leather, there is so-called leather blacking. Leather should be cleaned at regular intervals.

The care of the horse should also not be neglected. A satisfactory care of the hoof can prevent disease and keep the horn healthy and stable. For this there are different kinds of hoof oil, hoof salve and hoof grease, which can be applied to clean hooves with a brush. In addition, there are special sprays that protect the frog, prevent thrush and promote the fresh formation of horn. In order to cool down or warm up the horse's leg joints, e.g. after strenuous exertion or injury, a special ice sprays or cooling or warming boots can be used.

The care of coat, mane and tail is divided into different parts. Basic cleaning can be carried out with special horse shampoo, which does not attack the protective layer of the skin and the horse's disposition. Mane and tail spray is also used to make the hair easier to comb, to detangle it and give it a sheen.

Insect sprays come under the main category of care products. Insect sprays keep flies, horseflies and other pests away and thus not only prevent the horse being annoyed but can also reduce eczema and skin irritations. Fly protection is provided in the form of sprays, gels or deodorants and is applied directly onto the places affected on the horse's body.

No horseowner should be without a stable first aid kit! Rapid help for injuries to the skin or joints as well as coughs or breathing problems can be treated promptly using a good first aid kit without recourse to a vet.

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