XL Shaker Manure Scoop with rake

Product no. 1577701
EAN 4057962092969
color: black
Made in Germany
XL Shaker Manure Scoop with rake
Product no.: 1577701
EAN: 4057962092969
The Shaker XL Manure Scoop is a worldwide innovation! The unique design of this manure scoop enables dung and shavings to be separated easily. Simply by shaking, the shavings scooped fall through the slits onto the floor whilst the horse manure remains securely in the scoop. In addition to its use in manèges and indoor arenas, the XL Shaker Manure Scoop is thus also ideal for use in mucking out stalls if pellets or shavings are used.
Supplied unassembled!
- In food-safe plastic
- Made in Germany
- We guarantee robust and durable products meeting the highest standards
Dimensions of scoop: W: 40 cm, H: 30 cm, D: 35 cm
Dimensions with handle: W: 40 cm, H: 85 cm, D: 35 cm

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