Wintec Pro Dressage Saddle

Product no. 1093401-C2
EAN 9329097097023
color: black
Size: 17,5"/44 cm
Wintec Pro Dressage Saddle
Product no.: 1093401-C2
EAN: 9329097097023
Experience absolute luxury in a top class dressage saddle. Riders will feel optimally supported in the super soft and grippy deep seat of the Wintec Pro Dressage saddle. In this saddle, their leg will easily achieve a close contact with the horse and communication will become effortless. As for their horse, the super-soft panels and Elastiflex tree, the combination of which adjust perfectly to the horse"s muscles, ensuring unrestricted freedom of movement whether training or competing.
All new and improved Wintec saddles are equipped with Horse And Rider Technology - HART in brief.