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Relaxed riding - Western style

Western riding originated with cowboys in the USA. The western saddle with all its accessories was conceived to be comfortable in order for one to be able to sit in the saddle for as long as possible. The giving of the aids and the training of horses are so designed that the most efficient result can be achieved with as little effort as possible. Originally introduced so that the rider could throw a lasso, even today riding Western style involves riding one-handed.

Classically, the Western bridle consists of a simple headstall without a noseband. The reins are open so that they do not get caught up on the horn and can be easily held in one hand. Western equipment is mostly made in leather and often kept to the colour brown. Waldhausen also offers synthetic leather bridles and saddles, which are affordable for a moderate amount of money. Special Western bits support this special riding style.

Trails too are also often conducted in Western style because this way of riding is particularly suited to long distances. For this saddlebags are also attached to the horse, in which the luggage can quite simply be taken with one on the ride.Groundwork is also used in Western riding so that here tools such as the groundwork rope, contact stick and neck loop are used.

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