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Lunging and groundwork for variety

In addition to the continuing development of the horse, the work alongside is very beneficial for rider and horse. Firstly, it is naturally a welcome change for both and can act as a replacement activity if riding is not possibile due to health- or weather-related circumstances. In addition, lunging and groundwork also promote the relationship and trust between human and horse.

When being lunged the horse is moved in a circular shape by the rider. Lunging loosens up the horse and also helps the rider to identify malpositions or problems in walking and to correct the same. As well as the lunge line, which is compulsory. a lunge surcingle (for attaching side reins) or a lunging system is used. A so-called double lunge helps the rider to transmit aids on both sides to the horse's mouth from the ground as well. This means that enhanced exercises are possible.

In groundwork the horse is somewhat freer in movement than when lunging. The horse learns different exercises that are often based on trust between human and horse. Used are, e.g., a groundwork rope with which the rider does maintain control but the horse still has plenty of room to manoeuvre. Many commands are given with the voice, but a contact stick can also be used for example, which supports human-horse communication.

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