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Icelandic horses - the robust horses from the North

The Icelandic horse is a very robust breed which, despite its minimal size, is very powerfully built and thus can be ridden by tallish and heavy adults. The Icelandic is a gaited horse and, in addition to the basic gaits of walk, trot and canter, also has the tölt and the flying pace gaits.In actual fact not every Icelandic horse shows both these gaits. However, the right equipment is still important for all riders of Icelandics.

In its structure the Icelandic bridle hardly differs from a normal bridle, it is however adapted to the particular heads of Icelandic horses as these, like the rest of their bodies, are small but yet very powerful. An Icelandic saddle, as well as Icelandic stirrups are particularly designed for the five gaits and the rider's different ways of sitting. Saddlebags can be easily attached to the horse if a trail ride is intended with the robust small horses, which are predestined for long rides due to their origins with the wide, bleak expanses of Iceland.

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