Everything the rider's heart desires: we have put together our own equestrian theme world. It doesn't matter whether you are interested in western, Icelandic, driving, vaulting, lunging or groundwork, new arrivals or everything to do with unicorns - there is something for everyone! 

Groundwork represents the perfect complement to riding. With the right lunge line, a roller and the right side reins you can really give your horse a good work out.
With carrot stick, lead rope and rope halter you will have the right kit for groundwork. Inspired by the equipment for lunge work, at Waldhausen you will also find products for vaulting. Vaulting roller and bridles through to Combi Trainer, regardless of whether this is for an amateur group or competition team, here you will find the right equipment.
Driving harnesses in different sizes, whips, reins and saddle pad – we also provide some things for our carriage drivers too.

You can find everything here for the particular requirements of western riding such as saddle pads in modern colours, western saddles and cinches, various headstalls and bits.
Riders of Icelandic ponies also have their special equipment. We have various special saddles and bridles, overreach boots, trail riding halters and saddlebags.
The Waldhausen Company’s wide range amply covers every area.
We also have many relevant books on every discipline, with which you can expand your knowledge.

Searching for fabulous unicorn products? Here you can find gift ideas on a unicorn theme as well as colourful and cheerful fashion for both kids and horses.

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