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Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. In case you still have suggestions or questions please use our contact sheet to get in touch or send an email to:

How come I cannot place an order directly at Waldhausen?

Waldhausen exclusively supplies retailers. To view our products and enjoy competent consulting, please visit your preferred retailer.

How do I find a retailer in my vicinity?

To find a retailer in your vicinity please use the search function on our website.

How does the shopping list work?

To make shopping at your retailer as easy as it gets, use the Waldhausen shopping list. Simply place those products you like on your virtual shopping list. You can either print a copy of the list or mail it to your preferred retailer to make sure he has your favourite products on stock when you stop by. Furthermore, you may save the adresses of those retailers in your vicinity to your shopping list – to have all data you need at a single glance.

Why should I subscribe to the Waldhausen newsletter?

As a subscriber of the Waldhausen newsletter you will always get first hand information on the lastest equestrian trends, upcoming events and shows. Of course our newsletter is for free. We’ll send each newsletter to the provided email address. You can cancel your subscription to our newsletter any time you like.

Can I be sure my data is treated confidentially?

We treat your data conforming to the applicable data protection. Your details will not be transferred to third parties without your consent. For more details on your privacy click here: internet privacy.

How do I get in touch with Waldhausen?

Do you have any suggestions or would like to have further information? Please get in touch via our contact form or send an email to:


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