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Finely-tuned aids with spurs and whip

Auxiliary aids support the rider in giving targeted aids. Waldhausen supplies spurs and whips for various equestrian disciplines and requirements.

Spurs are attached with the help of a spur strap to the riding boot and then are used occasionally in a targeted manner. Different sizes of spurs are available, for men, women and children, as well as va rious designs. Different ends enable different effects, such as prongs, hammer or a ball-wheel.

Dressage whips with a length of 110 cm - 120 cm are perfect for the dressage rider to activate the horse's hindquarters. Jumping whips are between 65 cm amd 70 cm long. They also vary in having a short lash at the end. Both types of whip are available in completely different designs. The handle can, for example, be manufactured in genuine leather or plastic. Waldhausen stocks the simple standard models but also whips with decorative touches and striking appliqués. Long whips are in use for lunging and driving.

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