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Riding boots or jodhpur boots with chaps?

Knee-length boots and jodhpur boots combined with chaps have many important properties in order to be able to support the rider in the best possible way. Above all they protect the legs and help stabilise the rider in the saddle. This is why they are an important part of a rider's equipment and have to be able to provide optimum protection to the rider in wind and bad weather.

For somewhat more experienced riders (particularly dressage riders) leather riding boots are recommended as these enable the rider to maintain a more stable leg. Here some ELT models have a large range of shaft widths and lengths so that there is a boot to fit every leg well. Rubber riding boots represent a good value - but still completely satisfactory - alternative for children and beginners or for mucking out etc..

Jodhpur boots have a rider's heel and are mostly made of leather or rubber. From elegant laced jodhpur boots to glittering children's boots, ELT covers all tastes. The jodhpur boot is worn with chaps or minichaps so that, when riding, the same grip is ensured as with a riding boot. Many riders find this combination pleasanter to wear than boots as they have a looser fit and the chaps are easy to remove when the rider is not actually riding.

For autumn and winter ELT provides thermal shoes and thermal boots. These have a water-resistant or waterproof galosha part and warm lining. This means the feet are well protected both inside and outside. The sole is non-slip and likewise has a rider's heel.

There are accessories to go with the shoes and boots! Riding socks are not just another fashionable accessory but provide additional support to the leg and ensure that the jodhpurs/breeches remain in place when riding. With leathercare and shoe polish the boots will not only be shiny clean but also will be even better protected from the wet.

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