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Safety is paramount - with riding helmets and body protectors

Riding helmets and safety articles are enormously important in equestrian sports in order to be able to provide the rider with a maximum of safety on the horse. Here the riding helmet is probably the most important accessory in order to be able to avoid serious head injuries and more as far as possible. Riding helmets these days have to undergo very strict testing in order to meet safety standards. Our SWING riding helmets are therefore accredited in line with the latest standards. Many of the helmets are size-adjustable, often in several places, so as to be able to obtain the optimum fit for the head. As only a well-fitting helmet can provide an optimum level of protection. And, into the bargain, helmets these days look super. A modern, lightweight design in black or a coloured riding helmet for children - every taste is catered for and makes wearing the helmet even easier.

SWING body protectors are likewise certified according to current safety standards and provide safety above all in eventing, cross-country or show jumping. Back protectors are relatively thin and can be worn under clothing. They protect the spine and the coccyx and yet are so light that they are comfortable to wear. Modern body protectors too are designed so as not to restrict the rider. As the name indicates, they protect the entire upper body. SWING protectors are available with and without a zip and for both adults and children.

Reflective articles for the rider ensure good visibility - not only on your horse but also on your bike or when taking the dog for a walk in the evening. Here head torches and LED bands provide a long-lasting light source, reflective waistcoats or reflective whips reflect when car lights shine on them.

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