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Competition wear & accessories for competitions

For many riders equestrianism is more than just a leisure activity. Anyone wanting to shine from a fashion point of view at competitions as well should go for elegance and select accessories to match. Since the competition season falls in the warmer days of the year, functional and breathable materials represent a primary consideration in selecting competition clothing. ELT combines sporty requirements with an elegant design.

White breeches, obligatory competition wear, form the basis. To go with these you can combine them with a white shirt with collar and glittering details. Competition and show jumpers wear a show jacket or black jacket.

This outfit is combined with accessories. For example, a stock can be fastened at the neck with a stock pin. Hairnets or hairbands ensure that your hair does not get in the way and yet looks elegant. So that the shoes and helmet do not get dirty they can be transported to the competition in a helmet or boot bag.

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