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ELT breeches - modern, high quality and affordable

Breeches are a very important part of a rider's kit. They play a considerable part in ensuring that the requisite grip is present between the rider and the surface of the saddle and that the rider does not experience any chafing on his leg. They fit the body closely and are usually fastened at the lower leg with elastic so that they do not ride up when riding. ELT breeches stand out with to their designs, models for women, men and children and, above all, due to their variety.

Most riders choose full seat breeches. The seat, e.g.from silicone, on these breeches runs from the knee via the thigh to the seat, so that a strong grip in the saddle is ensured. The seat can merge colourwise or stand out in a contrasting colour. Ladies breeches often have standout details such as a raised stripe on the leg or fashionable zip pockets. Men's breeches are tend to be plainer in design.

Knee patch breeches come out cheaper. Many children's breeches have knee patchs, which are placed where the rider holds on to the saddle with his legs. Jodhpurs do not fit closely at the bottom of the leg but are cut straight or flared and are often kept on the foot with an additional loop.

The above types of riding legwear are available with different functions and in different materials, such as the ELT jeans breeches or the plus size breeches. Thermal breeches are in thicker material and protect from the cold and wet in the winter.

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