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Fabulous accessories for riders

The rider deploy various accessories to enhance their outfit. Riding gloves should not just be regarded as a fasthionable addition, but as a real aid against blisters on the hands or for a better grip on the reins. Nevertheless, they can look really beautiful, decorated with little rhinestones and be colour-matched to the rest of the outfit. Children's gloves too are mostly designed to be colourful. ELT also provides winter riding gloves. Some gloves also have a "touch finger" so that you can use a smartphone without having to take them off.

Hats and scarves help against wind and cold. These are designed afresh for every winter season to match the ELT collection.

Your riding outfit can be even further enhanced through further accessories, which also have a practical justification. These include, amongst other items, leather belts, hairnets, bumbags or handbags.

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