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Breastplate, martingale and co.

Auxiliary reins and equipment enable beginners above all to acquire the right seat in the saddle. With the use of side reins the rider can concentrate on his position and the horse will nevertheless be encouraged to round his neck. It isn't only with beginners that side reins are useful, they are also used when training young horses or when lunging.

Auxiliary reins have various sub-categories. Draw reins, for exxample, form a direct link from the girth to the bit and thus simulate the reins. They are relatively stiff and may therefore not be adjusted too tightly. The martingale is attached to the reins by two rings and is mainly useful if the horse tosses its head or has a high head carriage. It is mostly used in combination with a breastplate. Draw reins are attached to the saddle, run through the bit rings and finish up in the rider's hands. They should only be sued by very experienced riders in order to correct poorly schooled horses.

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