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The right saddle for every ridden discipline

The right saddle is the basis for good riding. The saddle must not only be right for a certain style of riding but also for the individual preferences of the rider and the horse's anatomy.

Whilst dressage saddles have a deeper seat, jumping saddles are designed with a flattened tree. General purpose saddles represent a form in-between a dressage saddle and a jumping saddle. With them both disciplines can be carried out and they are very practical as the saddle does not have to be switched between disciplines.

Western saddles are classically fitted with a horn and designed for the specific features of Western riding. Western saddles are mostly manufactured in brown leather. The Icelandic saddle is a perfect match for these robust gaited horses as it helps the rider in finding the right balance in all gaits.

Saddles are traditionally manufactured in leather but synthetic saddles are becoming more and more established in the market. The Wintec brand, which is sold by Waldhausen, has specialised in easily cleaned and good value synthetic saddles. These can be adjusted really easily to the individual requirements of the horse. through the CAIR cushion system and the EASY-CHANGE Fit-Solution.

The saddles for the individual disciplines are also available in pony size. In addition, riding pads are also available for ponies and children that make it easy for chilld beginners to acquire the right seat on the pony.

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