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Saddle pads to protect saddle & horse's back

Saddle pads are placed between the saddle and horse's back and here ensure good equalization of pressure and satisfactory shock absorption. They not only protect the sensitive horse's back but also your expensive saddle from sweat and loose hair.

Here the classic numnah is shaped to match the saddle's shape whilst the saddle cloth is cut to be rectangular in shape and thus has space on the outer side for striking designs, logos or appliqués. Both are available in standard colours such as black or white for competition purposes. Each season however saddle pads in many different colours come onto the market, which complement the collections for riders perfectly. Here the saddle pad can be colour-coordinated well with boots, bandages or fly masks for example.

In addition there are also saddle pads, gel pads and lambskins. These protect the horse from pressure sores and prevent the saddle from slipping. Through its natural properties lambskin also ensures an outstanding temperature equalization and is therefore just as popular in summer as it is in winter.

Western pads have a rectangular shape, which is perfect for large western saddles, and are mostly in typical western designs.

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