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Waldhausen horse rugs for every season

Horse rugs are available in a whole variety of thicknesses, materials and fillings. They are therefore for various purposes so that a horse often needs several rugs.

One use is protection from cold, dirt and wet. Turnout rugs are put on the horse in autumn and winter, e.g. after it has been clipped or to keep it warm in the field. Turnout rugs are mostly waterproof and are kept well fastened on the horse's back with cross surcingles and front fasteners. Winter and between-season rugs are often supplemented with a neckpiece. They have various fillings, for example, there are turnout rugs without a filling otherwise fillings vary between 100g to 300g. Stable rugs too have this variation in weight. The horse is rugged up with these in the stable if it is to be protected from the cold here too.

A fleece rug is also called a sweat rug and this goes a long way to explain its use: the sweated up horse is protected after riding. In addition, the rug ensures a rapid temperature equalization and absorbs the sweat. An exercise sheet has a similar function but is placed directly on the horse when being exercised slowly or when warming down. It is particularly suitable for horses with a sensitive back that are prone to muscular tension.

In summer fly sheets are what are mainly used. They are in extra thin material so that the horse does not sweat but is nevertheless protected from annoying insects. A particular favourite are horse rugs with a zebra pattern as flies don't like settling on the black-white colour combination. For horses that tend to summer ezcema there are special ezcema rugs, which are particularly effective against insect-attack due to their properties and thickness.

Different rug accessories can improve the durability of susceptible horse rugs. For example, Safe Gum helps the rug not to rip straightaway if the horse gets caught up. The rug can be adjusted to fit the horse with a surcingle, neck piece and chest expander.

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