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Everyday accessories for the stable: halter and leadrope

Halter and lead rope are indispensable when handling the horse at the yard. There are even lead ropes that are especially designed for the rider to have a good grip and so can lead the horse safely from the field or on a walk in hand. Lead ropes can tied particularly well to the tie up facilities or hook in the stable. Two hooks are available for the riderto choose from here. The panic hook is a special fastner used in equestrian sport. The simple sliding mechanism means the rope can be easily released so that injury to the horse or human can be prevented in emergency situations. The panic hook is a standard hook, which is also used in other places, such as on the halter. The Waldhausen ropes are produced in ever new seasonal colours to match other articles in the Horsefashion range. Every rider can find a rope to suit in the Economic, Plus and Premium quality categories.

Halters too are available in different designs and price segments. Simple standard halters are suitable for everyday use or in the field. Here there are also so-called field-safe halters that reduce the risk of injury by not having any metal eyelets and fasteners. Leather halters not only look elegant but are also particularly robust. Knot halters are often used in groundwork or in the Western discipline. Halters lined with genuine or synthetic lambskin provide a high degree of wearer comfort and reduced pressure in the halter.

Padding can be bought singly and attached to the halter. In order to prevent cribbing, Waldhausen also provides cribbing collars. Muzzles in their turn ensure that horses do not overeat and are often used when getting horses used to spring grass.

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