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Fewer insects with efficient fly protection

Annoying insects are a real pest for our horses in the summer months and can make things difficult for rider and horse. This is why products providing protection from flies are very useful not only when riding but also out in the paddock. Some horses also have to deal with summer eczema due to the insects. In order to avert this, there are special eczema rugs which provde extra strong protection. Other fly rugs are in a light material so that they are not annoying in the summer. They are mostly secured by crossover straps and some have an elasticated neck or the possibility of attaching a fly neck. Fly sheets for exercising are used, for example, when the rider is cooling down the sweated up horse and the flies are being particularly attracted by the smell of the sweat.

Fly masks protect the horse's sensitive ears and look very elegant into the bargain. They are often based on the colour scheme also in use for the saddle pad or the bandages.Fly fringes are attached to the halter or the bridle and above all protect the eyes of the horse. Anyone looking for an all-round package is best off using a fly mask.These are available in various models, with and without ears, with and without nose protection.

The zebra pattern is proven to keep insects at bay as the colours irritate these and put them off landing. As a result more and more fly protection products are being sold with zebra patterns. This means that, for example, fly rugs, halters, fly ears or masks are covered with zebra patterns and keep the little pests away.

Extra assistance can be provided by diverse care products. Horse deodorant, fly spray and insect gels are applied directly to the places affected on the horse and their ingredients keep flies, horseflies etc. away.

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