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Which bridle is the right one?

The main structure of the snaffle bridle is called a headpiece and this defines the differences between the individual bridles. There are drip noseband, crank noseand, Hannoverian and Mexican bridles. Every rider has to find the right bridle for his requirements and the needs of his horse. A double bridle is mostly used by advanced dressage riders in competitions. A bitless bridle is mainly of use for horses that have sensitive mouths.

The Waldhuasen X-line and S-line bridles are made in high quality leather and are distinguished by their elegant designs. Star snaffle bridles are made in a more robust leather or synthetic leather and hence cover our lower price segment.

As well as the traditional snaffle bridle and classic double bridle, which are used in dressage, jumping and in eventing, there are also special bridles for different disciplines. Icelandic bridles are especially designed for the small but powerful heads of these small horses. Western bridles consist of a simple headpiece without noseband and, in their design, are clearly in Western style. There are also special bridles for ponies and Shetlands.

The snaffle bridle consists amongst other things of a browband which, if needed, can be simply replaced. This means the bridle can be given a completely new look with little expenditure. For this there are simple leather browands or fancier, coloured browbands with crystals or rhinestones. Every snaffle bridle requires a pair of reins as well. These aremainly made of leather combined with rubber or webbing.

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