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High quality bits from beris & Waldhausen 

Large selection of horse bits

With the bits from our partner beris and our own brand Waldhausen we cover every rider's wish. The most important thing is that a bit strengthens the communication between horse and rider and does not have a negative influence. For this, the bit must have an optimal fit and be made of mouth-friendly materials.

With the Waldhausen bits we cover the demand for high-quality metal bits. The beris bits are made of plastic and are particularly well accepted by horses. They also have an anti-allergic effect and increase the chewing activity.

In order for chewing activity and communication to work as well as possible when riding, every horse-rider combination needs the right bit, which also fits the snaffle and the riding discipline.

We therefore offer different types of bits from beris and Waldhausen. In addition to the single and double bits, you will also find bar bits, curb bits with matching bridles and special bits. Western and driving bits extend the range for other disciplines. The Waldhausen and beris bits can be supplemented with the appropriate accessories.

Discover Waldhausen and beris bits

Find out now about our wide range of bits. As an end customer, you can easily find your local specialist dealer in the dealer search, who can advise you personally on your bit purchase. As a registered dealer, you can easily place your order with us and have the Waldhausen and beris bits delivered to your store in a flash.

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