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The bit for fine-tuned communication between horse & rider

The bit is the link between the horse's mouth and the rider's hand. For good teamwork the right bit has to be found for the horse and the purpose for which it is used. Bits are made of stainless steel, rubber or other materials, which promote the horse chewing.

Single- and double-jointed snaffle bits are the ones most in use. The separation in the centre of the bit enables very precise and one-sided aids to be given. A bar bit exerts a strong double-sided pressure and should only be used by advanced riders. A curb bit too, which is used in dressage combined with a bradoon bit, is intended for use by advanced riders and well-schooled horses. The curb bit is of a severe kind, with which very fine aids can be given but which, however, can also cause damage in the wrong hands. There are other special bits, such as the pelham, or the hackamore which supports a bitless bridle.

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