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Protection for the horse's leg

There are various possibilities for protecting the susceptible leg of the horse. Boots are used on the foreleg and, with their hard outer shell, provide particularly great protection against shocks, kicks and external influences. Their counterpart is the brushing boot that is attached to the hind leg. They are used above all when training and cross-country. A further advantage is the fact that they are easy to use. Tendon boots can be simply fastened with Velcro fasteners. They are available in many colours or with added features, e.g. with memory foam or lambskin.

Bandages, in contrast, are more time-consuming to attach as the horse's leg must be bandaged correctly. They are used above all on horses that like things to be softer as the bandage is less hard than the boot. Bandage pads can avoid risks when bandaging. Bandages provide a chic appearance and can be obtained in the latest colours of the season.

Stable and travelling bandages protect the horse's legs in the stable, when loading and when travelling.

Bell boots and fetlock boots provide particular protection to the horse's hoove or fetlocks.

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