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Supplements for the health of the horse

The supplements by Waldhausen, Stiefel and co. are perfectly adjusted to the needs of the horse. Minerals are supplied to the horse with the basic mineralisation that it needs and which it cannot always absorb from the normal feedstuffs. Various oils can stimulate the metabolism and thereby the immune system as well. Herbal mixtures help the bronchii and when there is a cough. Magnesium, zinc and co. have various positive effects on performance, skin, coat and horn.

Of course, the reward has to be worth it: treats not only please the horse but can also be used by the rider in a targeted fashion for a bit of bribery between times. Horse treats are not comparable with human sweets. Mostly they contain natural ingredients and additional vitamins and have flavours, which are aimed at the horse, such as apple, carrot or herbs.

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