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Complete equipment for the stable

With good equipment work at the stable seems only half as bad. When feeding, the horse owner reaches for the products that are the best for his horse. Haynets, for example, are available in various sizes and thicknesses. Buckets in all sizes and thickenesses, colours and shapes, with and without lids. Muesli and treats bowls as well as weekly planners make giving muesli and supplements simple. For mucking out various Mistboys and muck forks are available, optimized for children for example.

Various ties and hooks, as well as cupboards and mountings, ensure that all products can be stored well and that the high quality riding equipment does not get dirty. The horse too does not want to become bored in his box. Play balls or the coloured Likit products, which combine the positive effect of licks with the occupation and distraction of the horse.

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