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Grooming and care

Every rider and every horse or pony has varying equipment requirements for daily needs in a field shelter, stable or out in the field.
In the stable you can make your life easier with haynets, sturdy shavings forks and manure scoops. Your work in the stable or out in the field is not the only important thing, the welfare of the horse matters too. With different products such as supplements, grooming articles and a well stocked veterinary kit you can support and boost your horse’s health.
Our comprehensive range of products for hoof, coat and mane, effective insect repellent, udder cream, cooling gel or frog care will help promote your horse’s health and wellbeing.
You will also find care products for your expensive equipment. Waldhausen provides a large selection of cleaning products and saddle soaps so that your leather items retain their suppleness.
In order to make the training routine in the arena more interesting we also have cavaletti blocks, cavaletti poles and arena cones in addition to basic equipment such as arena markers or mounting blocks.

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