FAFITS Boot Grip Wax, 100 ml

Product no. 160700
EAN 4043969035184
1 Liter = €149.50
FAFITS Boot Grip Wax, 100 ml
Product no.: 160700
EAN: 4043969035184
Gives the saddle and boots an effective, elastic and long-lasting adhesion. Improves leg position and gives more grip. Prevents reins from sliding through and gives gloves more grip.
Directions for use: for ease of application, heat first

Rosin, lemon, extract ( R )-p-Mentha-1.8-diene

Hazard information:
H317 - Can cause allergic skin reactions.
H412 - Harmful to aquatic organisms, with long-lasting effects.
Content: 100 ml

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