EASY-CHANGE Complete Gullet Kit

Product no. 110009-VE
EAN 9329097000535
EASY-CHANGE Complete Gullet Kit
Product no.: 110009-VE
EAN: 9329097000535
The EASY-CHANGE Gullet Kit comes complete with five gullets (white, red, blue, green, yellow), an instruction booklet, 2 spare head screws, 2 spare screw nuts, 5 spare gullet screws, and the Easy Measure Gullet Gauge.
A new saddle? Or change the gullet? The choice is EASY... The EASY-CHANGE Gullet System makes it easy for you to alter the width of your saddle"s gullet to custom fit your horse’s withers, in just a few minutes.
narrow: 27-28 (yellow), normal
narrow: 29 (green)
normal: 30 (black)
normal width: 31 (blue)
wide: 32 (red)
extra wide: 33-34 (white)