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What are cookies?

Cookies are short pieces of data that are saved in your browser when you visit a website. On later visits, this data is then returned to that website. Cookies allow us to recognize you automatically whenever you visit our site so that we can personalize your experience and provide you with better service, e.g. save your desired language setting. We also use cookies to improve our offers and for fraud prevention.


If your web browser is set to refuse cookies from our website, you will not be able to log into your customer account or complete a purchase and take advantage of certain features of our website. As a result, we strongly encourage you to configure your web browser to accept cookies from our website.

How do I enable cookies in my browser?

Mozilla Firefox


Firefox Menu

1. Open Mozilla Firefox.
2. Top right you find the menu.
3. Open 'settings'.

Firefox Privacy

4. Click 'privacy'.
5. Please check the box 'Enable cookies'.

Firefox Exceptions

6. If you want to enable cookies only for Waldhausen, do not check the box. Instead click 'Exceptions'.
7. Insert www.waldhausen.com and as retailer also b2b.waldhausen.com and click 'allow' and safe.



Chrome Menu

1. Open Chrome browser.
2. Top right you find the menu.
3. Please open 'settings'.

Chrome Privacy

4. Click 'show advanced settings' on the bottom.
5. Beneath the headline 'Privacy' open the 'content settings'.

Chrome Content settings

6. Check the box 'Allow local data to be set'.
7. If you only want to enable cookies for Waldhausen, please click 'Manage exceptions' and insert www.waldhausen.com and as retailer also b2b.waldhausen.com and click 'allow' and 'done'.


Internet Explorer

IE Menu

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Top right you find the menu.
3. Click on 'Internet options'.

IE Privacy

4. Open the tab 'Privacy'.
5. Set the slider on 'Medium'.

IE Cookies

6. If you still have problems with the login or notice other restrictions, please change the slider to 'low' or 'enable all cookies'.



Safari Menu

1. Open Safari.
2. On top left click 'Safari'.
3. Open the 'settings'.

Safari Privacy

4. Click on the tab 'Privacy'.
5. Under the headline 'Cookies and website data' please check the box 'Always accept'.


Mobile: Samsung-Browser 'Internet'

Internet Menu

1. Open your mobile's browser.
2. Bottom left you find a symbol to open the menu.
3. Click on 'settings'.

Iinternet Privacy

4. Open 'Privacy' in the settings.

Internet Cookies

5. Check the box 'Accept cookies'.


Chrome mobile

Chrome mobile Menu

1. Open Chrome on your mobile phone or tablet.
2. Top right you find the menu.
3. Click on 'settings'.

Chrome mobile Site settings

4. Open 'Site settings' in the settings.
5. On the next level you see if the cookies are activated.
6. Click on 'Cookies'.

Chrome mobile Cookies

7. Turn on the switch 'Cookies'.


Safari mobile

Safari mobile settings

1. Open the settings on your mobile phone or tablet. Normally, they are located on your desktop.
2. Click on 'Safari'.

Safari mobile Safari Settings

3. Under the headline 'Privacy and Security', you find the button 'Block cookies'.
4. It shows if cookies are enabled or deactivated.To enable, please click on the button.

Safari mobile Cookies

5. Please click 'Allow from websites I visit'. If you still got problems browsing through our site, activate 'Always allow'.


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