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New from Waldhausen

Waldhausen brings out a new collection twice a year. The horse fashion, such as saddle pads, fly masks or bandages, is colour-coordinated with ELT's spring or autumn collection. This means rider and horse can be style-coordinated. The colour scheme of each respective season is also taken up in other horse products. This means that, for example, halters, lead ropes and rugs are continually supplied in new colour combos.

The Waldhausen S-Line and X-Line bridles are not only always up-to-date designwise. An innovative construction of the bridle here plays just as great a role as do the well thought-out details which continually make the bridles better and improve the wearer comfort for the horse.

Waldhausen's standard products are likewise being continually expanded and optimised. Current trends in the equine world provide an input here just as do the experiences of riders. Here Waldhausen regularly presents new innovations in the area of Saddle Accessories, Leg Protection, Pads or Care.

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